Allow me to introduce myself (as chances are you have no idea who I am)

Posted: October 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

My name is Brian.

I have selected a Creative Writing Major which dooms me to a potential life of unemployment and unhappiness, but I don’t care. I love writing.

I am a writer, and a very prolific one if I do say so myself. I prefer to write poetry, but I also write songs and have tried to write stories (but I always jump from one idea to a brand new one. So…yeah). I have so far been published in one literary review, and received three rejections slips from others.

So, in addition to telling the altogether unmiraculous (yet hopefully amusing) tales from my life, I will be posting some poems, and maybe some prose for you to look at and either enjoy or desecrate.

So stay tuned for more stories from, currently, a life so dreary, as I scribble weak and weary.

  1. Oh Brian, you’re so clever.
    And yes, this is your darling twin, Jane.
    I love it so far! Your voice is so obvious in everything you write and I can’t wait to stalk your blog!

  2. You and I both, my friend. I heard a retelling of a classic joke that described our lives quite simply.

    “An art major, an English major and a film major walk into a bar. They all get criticized for doing what they love.”

    We may not be completely the same, but we are all in this together. I look forward to hearing more from you.

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