“At this joint between two worlds and two entirely Incompatible modes of time…” -Sylvia Plath, The Ghost’s Leavetaking

Posted: October 13, 2013 in Uncategorized
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What is it like to be the odd man out? To find that you and your friends do not share the same interests? Sure, you’ve been friends for a long time, but people change, or at least their interests change. Did the great poets of the past years understand this realm of thought? Didn’t writers have the best relationships with other writers?

T.S. Eliot was good friends with Ezra Pound, Robert Lowell was friends with Elizabeth Bishop, but Sylvia Plath said in an interview that she tried not to make friends with other writers because they happened to be rather narcissistic. 

But sometimes it seems that your friends make hasty generalizations about you, even though you’ve known them for so long. Maybe you’re just a person of many faces and you’ve only shown them one because you haven’t been presented with the opportunity to show them another side of you. And that is because you’re just one person in a group. What you want is outvoted by the majority.

Ah, well. These things just happen. I suppose you wouldn’t keep being friends if you didn’t have something in common. Even if that is less so than what you had in common during grade school.

On a rather disconnected side note, how do people in commercials always sound so happy? Most likely, they’re being paid well.

Please forgive my angst.

More poems are on the way!


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