The Arcane Boy

Posted: October 13, 2013 in Poetry

Another school day is a mix of drudgery and excitement.

This the cause of his paranoia.

His turbulent fear that someone may be watching,

that they will see the angle at which his head is turned

and follow his gaze.

And then the whole school will be in an uproar,

if gossip spreads as gossip does, like some sort of disease.

Within weeks he will be forced to hide,

he could not stem the outpouring of his secret-

it was spit out like sparks from that one person,

that rubberneck who had to peer over the fence

and have their eyes widen as the boy hastily shut the cupboard

too late, too late.

As it is in the suburbs, if one dog barks,

soon every dog in the neighborhood will be howling their heads off.

But the boy watches himself,

he does not stare, he takes his chances when he can.

He is careful, keeping the tottering stack of china on his head.

He is cautious, keeping the cabinet locked,

causing no disturbances. He is wary;

the dogs have not started barking


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