Posted: November 12, 2013 in Poetry
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The world revolves.

There is nothing new.

Apathetic as a snail

this city burns its filaments-

ten thousand glowworms.

And yet the world revolves.

Snow presents itself punctually,

resisting warm mechanical breaths

as people stride in their ignorance

like sloths. City streets

are adorned with tiny white mysteries,

but people surge like bees,

smoke like chimneys,

or gaze blank and uninterested

as fish in tanks.

And yet the world revolves-

extinguishing rays that burn

and spark off the snowbanks,

subduing everything under oily blanket

of nightfall.

The world revolves,

igniting new flames to dazzle

in that great ember

that lowered heads continue

to ignore, lest

the revolutions halt.


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