“Love is not the phantom hand…”

Posted: November 17, 2013 in Love Poems, Poetry
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Love is not the phantom hand

that reaches inward

and twists a person

into a ball of anxiety.

Love is not absence

presiding as a cold hole

under skin and bones,

where one should feel

warm and whole.

Love is not harsh-tongued,

speaking with fists

and bulging-vein bellows.

Love is not waiting

outside windows

when a telephone would suffice.

Love is not lounging about

waiting for decadent meals

to be carried in on spotless china or silver.

Love is not within the bed,

love is not within the words

on a red card,

love is not within a box of chocolates

or other boxes tied with bows.

Love is within conversation–

both simple diner talk,

and concentrated inquisition

that lasts for hours.

Love is where

two minds grow

in respect and admiration,

and learn to See past exteriors.


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