A Stone

Posted: December 14, 2013 in Poetry
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Here lies the stone I have thrown,

regurgitated from my fist as if it were a serpent.

It will be missed.

Notice its gleam in dull light,

the clouds blot out the sun. Discriminate

is the light which floods the earth

as clouds move away, the true beauty

of the stone is taken. I have spent

hours staring at nothing more than a rock.

The realization hits with locomotive force.

Still there is some sadness to be rent

at the loss of something once beautiful.

My eyes linger at their corners as I step away.

They hope that grayness will reveal how radiant

this stone could be again. But it never said a word to me.

It only gleamed like expensive crystal

in half-light. Multivalent

as a stone, so beauty is.

So love is.


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