Take the Stage

Posted: April 5, 2014 in Poetry
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Curtain drawn back,

rippling in velvet waves of red.

Audience chatter dims

to a murmur, then,


For a moment I’m in shadow,

then a faint click and squeak

and I’m flooded by light,

a circle brightening where I stand,

and who I am.

Before the light focused on me

my fists were clenched, I gulped.

A second flicks by

then my hands move

to their rehearsed positions,

my feet stick to the wooden floor

as my voice rises and falls

as I would like it to.

All eyes are on me.

All ears listen to me.

People I can’t see are enraptured

by me.

I carry on

until there are no words left,

back into shadow,

claps come first like raindrops,

then like thunder.

And once the curtain is again drawn,

no one can see me exhale

two lungs-full of breath,

and grin.

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