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We let the once overflowed well run dry.

But now, I’ve opened up a brown parcel,

opened the door of the cage and loosed birds,

anxiously pried open a slimy clam,

opened a gray can without a label.


I sit behind a stale white square,

there are white walls before me,

whispers behind me.

Scorching yellow bee-buzz

forms sweat on my brow-

they are talking about me,

they are talking about me!

What are they saying?

Do they know where the marks on my pencil are from?

Do they know where the scar on my back is from?

My pulse ticks in half the time of the second-hand.

It is growing louder!

They sense I am thinking about them!

Stop thinking! Stop thinking!

They know! They know!

I am held to my seat as if there was an anchor on my lap.

The buzz has me stuck like stone.