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By end of day we’ll be apart.

Our fingers and lips will slip away,

but you will linger in my heart,

and we shall meet again, another day.

We are at an impasse.

You live in your world,

revolving in a changing stream of

faces and friends;

I live in my

dull cement universe

of calculus and formation of meaningless words.

In these places we remain–


Connection eclipsed

by a letter written in hasty anger

and a life controlled,

pressed under the thumb

of a giantess.

Is this where we part?

In our worlds where happiness

is such an odd thing.

Seemingly unattainable, yet

present, like a shining trophy.

And this is where we’re left.

Not saying a word to each other

and still reaching,

reaching for that trophy

while trying to avoid

the junction of our fingers.