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Posted: October 27, 2014 in Love Poems, Poetry
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I can love with a Promised heart.

Disclose to me what you believe.

I will show you evidence- Proof-

that I belong to me, but can remain True.

written 22 October, 2014


One hundred percent

A plus

Here’s where we go wrong:

believing perfection

is attainable.

It is impractical to try

and gaze into eternity.

For what I know of the world-

it does not give much to see.


Crystal balls and palms are,

too often, scams and schemes,

in which even those who own them

will soon find they believe.

“A friend of mine once wrote that she falls a little bit in love with every person she meets. I want to believe I do that too- but then I realize that if I fall in love with everyone, that means my heart is going to be broken quite a lot.”- Original

…and part of me says let it.