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So I thought about posting something witty, but then decided against primarily because I couldn’t think of anything particularly witty to post (It’s raining heavily where I am, and the noise is kind of distracting).

Then I thought about posting another poem, but I honestly feel like my metaphorical creative well has run dry. And I didn’t want to post anything philosophical or meaningful ‘cuz I don’t want to bring other people down and bring myself down even more. I also realized that I need to be studying for a Calculus exam because I have failed my first two and if I don’t pass the next two, one of which is tomorrow, it’s very likely that my GPA will then be so low that I may be denied any subsidiary loan for this semester.

And that got me thinking about the meaning of life and our going-nowhere political situation in the U.S. and blah blah blah.

So in the end I just decided to go watch Vlogbrothers. They’re two intelligent people, and they can talk about issues much more intelligently than I can, plus their presentation of intelligent material is not informative, it’s entertaining!

And while listening to John talk about the various books he’s written and published I thought: How does he DO IT!?!?!? And then I remembered that John is man with a considerable amount of time on his hands because he’s not in school.

Nonetheless, I did find that this was enough to lighten my mood and instill a new sense of determination in me.

I have always been fascinated with the world of prose, and while I do enjoy the faster medium of poetry, I have always wanted to have an actual story published. In fact, I came to a decision not too long ago that I was going to finish a short story by next summer’s end. And with that I march onward, pen and computer both at the ready, gathering courage to face tomorrows math test, and the many obstacles that will most assuredly follow it!

I hope that this somewhat unintelligible blathering has instilled a new sense of hope in anyone else who is in a bit of a drag. I also hope that you got at least a small smile or laugh out of it 🙂

Until next time, dftba and stay tuned.

In short, I’m sorry for the lack of recent posts. I’m still getting used to this.

Yesterday I experienced complete and utter defeat at the hands of the villain known as Calculus. Perhaps signing up for such a difficult course permits some serious lack of foresight on my part, but hey, it’s gonna’ be my very last math class so what the heck?

On a more somber note, I have been experiencing some very vivid dreams as of late and the last one hit on a rather conscious matter. 

I know it’s not my place to meddle in other peoples’ lives because I obviously don’t know what’s best for them, still, I have a friend who’s stuck in a situation she doesn’t even seem to recognize the gravity of. Being an outsider and able to see that is…it’s terrifying! But since we’ve already had a spat, there’s really nothing I can do, no one I can go to. It’s a situation where nobody wins, and in fact the person who is being harmed and the person who is doing the harming don’t seem to realize that they are doing so. It sucks.

Life is hard right now. 

Expect lots of dark, depressing poetry.