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To Ev’rything, I give

a portion of Me.

All can say I am of

ample Charity.


But what I mean is-

I commit myself-

to care- for the Things

people care little of.


One-dozen to twenty Volumes

I could Assign to your Name,

but I Dare not publish Them,

or put Both you and I to shame.

“Words and eggs must be handled with care./Once broken they are impossible/things to repair.” ~Anne Sexton, from her poem “Words” in “The Awful Rowing Toward God”

Love, my careless love,

I wrack myself dry,

and stare at clouds above

which fly

in shades of tarnished silver,

and pour down their judgement

as they roll by.


My careless love

has left me alone.

Beating me dumb,

huddled like a stone

in silence and

confinement. Solitary due to my own faults,

left only with this pulsing drone.


Love, o careless love

of mine. Restless heart-

frantic like a shackled dove-

you only tear yourself apart,

you cause women to withdraw,

you grip them like an animal’s claw.

Your madness is your personal art.