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In the dead of night I wake

and go to the mirror.

All is black except

for the yellow light between my reflection

and the real me.

What I see in the mirror is

two halves.

I am flesh on one side,

phantom on the other.

Oh, but this is frightening!

None could understand it,

for even barely do.

My right half is frail and frightened,

brown dots and blemishes rising

from pale skin to pronounce

this look of fear.

But the phantom on the left side of me

smirks. It is more solid than my right half,

it is iron!

No matter how warm and wistful my right side:

unfolding one palm upward, like a flower,

an offering to a warm and delicate, feminine hand;

my left side sneers revealing its serrated teeth,

the marks of its ferocious appetite

with white drool streaming from inside its maw,

but all the while an innocent lily-like glow

in its eye.

What is this apparition?

A manifestation of internal struggle?

Hallucination? Nightmare?

Or is it merely what I’ve written it to be?

The World has shut its Eye

to me. I linger

outside the closed Lid- in Darkness, wond’ring why

I am in this Silence. I am Forgotten. Not having lifted a Finger.

written in the style of Emily Dickinson

My midnight is not black.

It is dark blue–

darkest blue, heart of the ocean.

It enfolds me.

I am robed in this shadowless

cover. We have made a covenant.

This moonless dark blue

holds me like a mother holds her child.

My nostrils prickle with scent of earth.

This is

what only I can perceive.

This sheath of dark water,

solid as air,

I move through it like cloth.

It wraps me,

claims me.

I cannot tell if my eyes are open.

It whispers they’re not.

It doesn’t matter.

Night has taken over me.

Something twitches,
the world’s not right,
or perhaps it’s all in my mind.
I would focus on something so trite;

I would call
a shadow’s glimmer to light,
so my friends could disbelieve me.
They stand firm, I’ve not earned that right.

I would harass myself
with imagined snarls of slight.
Those are real to me,
I’m not here…quite.

Yet, I have no time
for keen insight,
I am gazing…
gazing into that black pit called “night”.

I am tumbling up
where stars burn bright.
I am losing my imperceptions,
I am losing sound Sight.

In the darkness

we found one another.

Somewhere in the land

of obscurity,

where laughter echoes across

a moor blended black

with the landscape whole.

Heat from obsidian,

the very air boiling to a haze

within such a place

ignited by two hands finding

each other

in starless dark

which melted with hills,

so no horizon existed.


we were part of the blackness.

We were together

so I could touch

and understand you,

and you, I.

And, invisible within the dark,

we said not a word.

We simply



Posted: November 2, 2013 in Poetry
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Ashes! Ashes! We all fall down!

The raven spreads its oily wings,

this shadow of fingers

as this world is closed into one corner

of the enormous palm–

folded into dark and quiet sleep.

The ceiling darkening like a bruise;

it is the mouth that swallows

and ejects the world regularly.

One final burst of glowing flame!

then all is ashes.

Ashes swept up like litter–

the trees, the houses,

even the infinite electric lights,

pressed into God’s falling eyelid.

Muddled to the color of fertile soil–

all the worlds extinguished,

ashes… ashes.

But then… a glimmer,

a spark!

The worlds heal and warmth

boils over; shadows against blue paper,

God opening His eye and yawning,

blinking away His cinereous celestial sleep,

the worlds breathing and blood flowing

back into the palm,

and the universe glowing with youthful vigor.