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Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while. Life’s been hectic. I’ve had tests and re-tests and essays, and I honestly haven’t written that much- other than a few bits here and there- so I’ve been struggling with that.

Also, today drama reared its ugly head.

Tell me, is it wrong to ask “what could I have done?” or “is it my fault?” I’ve always been the middleman, the guy who prefers compromise to taking sides, so when people have fallings-out, is it wrong to ask yourself these questions?

Is it possible to be too empathetic?

One good thing that comes out of (forgive my hyperbolic use of this word) tragedy: writing ideas. Maybe I’m just choosing to make this a big deal. I’m always there as a friend, even if I am smack dab in the middle of an awkward situation.

I dunno. This may just seem like mumbo jumbo to you who read this, but it feels cathartic to let it out.

Hopefully I will be posting at least one poem every day this week, even on the weekends so look forward to that! Also feel free to answer any of the weird questions I asked.

Happy Halloween those of you who celebrate!

Stay tuned…