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One day, I went out,

and the World Struck my Eye-

the Hills- the Grass- pleaded-

and I could only comply


by venturing forth

into the Warm air-

this solace, like Eternity,

was not simple- but- Fair.

A song of penance I sing–

mercy, pity, before flames radiant glow,

prostrating instead of genuflecting–

pleading for a future I do not know.


Something in the small fire

relieves my apprehension.

Swaying like an eye-twinkle,

no sputter, no tension.

The World has shut its Eye

to me. I linger

outside the closed Lid- in Darkness, wond’ring why

I am in this Silence. I am Forgotten. Not having lifted a Finger.

written in the style of Emily Dickinson