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“Reality has a funny way of contradicting our firmly held beliefs.”

~from Yangki Christine Akiteng.

I like this quote, because it can be so true.

It’s with everyone.

It’s worse with you.


Some disconnect between

brain and tongue and larynx,

syllables stack onto each other,

come out as just sounds.


There are little to no words

in my brain, blackness is it.

Being near you short circuits my speech.


I’m always searching for an answer

or reply with strangers.

You’re not a stranger,

you just make me feel strange.


I can’t think of anything to say,

though I want to be witty,

I want to sound smart.


My mouths opens and closes

like I’m imitating a fish. I turn red.


It’s with everyone.

It’s the worst with you.

Forgive me for being so shy,
but you put me in a tizzy,
and I can’t think straight
so I seem distant when I’m actually dizzy
with all the thoughts of you
and what we could be.

The next time I bring something to a party, I’m gonna’ make sure it’s something people will actually eat! This came about because I went to a little study session after school today, and it was suggested that people bring food. I didn’t bring anything because “bring a dish” events like this take me back to Halloween parties, cast parties, and poetry readings.

First there were the two cast parties I went to last year (being an active participant in my school’s theater program). Both times I brought variations on brownies. And both times people hardly ate any of what I brought. Why? Do I look like a druggy? or that kid who would spike mouth-wateringly delicious chocolate desserts with cannabis? I’m not. Let me assure you.

For the poetry reading I attended (which wasn’t actually limited to just poetry, it was a class of students, including myself, reading examples of their writing) I decided to make EVEN BETTER brownies, which is to say FUNFETTI BROWNIES– where you have the rich, fudgy goodness of brownies lying underneath a layer of soft, sweet and colorful funfetti cake. Thanks to all my friends who ate the funfetti brownies and said they were delicious. Double thanks to those who did so without my pestering them.

But perhaps the MOST insulting thing that happened, is when I prepared a cake especially for a Halloween party I went to earlier this year. I spent hours, with help, mixing the cake, dying it festive colors, marbling it, preparing icing and decorating the cake with candy bar gravestones and marshmallow ghosts. No one ate it. I was livid.

I guess what I can take from this experience is: make your food look more appetizing.

And to all those who didn’t eat the cake or the brownies, THEY WERE FRACKING DELICIOUS (JOKES ON YOU)!

“You’re a writer? Why go to college? Why don’t you just get a job and save enough money to travel the country or go live in a place like New York?”
“I have plenty of time to go nowhere, and I’d rather go there with an education and some sense of entitlement.”

This didn’t actually happen. Most of the witty things I could say I rarely have the opportunity to actually say.

My life lies flat,

I go from bed to bathroom

to kitchen to bedroom,

again and again,

only moving in a circle.

Routine does bring promise

of new insights–

insights into the dull repetition of routine.

To what lengths will a young man forgo

to have his young heart hastily broken

in only a month or so?

Very Interesting: “Why Creative People Make No Sense”


It’s funny how many of these (as in ALL of these) traits listed I find describe myself.

I’m not bragging, I’m just being honest.