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The Spirit- with Her fire Wings-

tries Her very best

to fly upward to my mind,

‘stead of beating ‘neath my breast.

A song of penance I sing–

mercy, pity, before flames radiant glow,

prostrating instead of genuflecting–

pleading for a future I do not know.


Something in the small fire

relieves my apprehension.

Swaying like an eye-twinkle,

no sputter, no tension.


Posted: November 2, 2013 in Poetry
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Ashes! Ashes! We all fall down!

The raven spreads its oily wings,

this shadow of fingers

as this world is closed into one corner

of the enormous palm–

folded into dark and quiet sleep.

The ceiling darkening like a bruise;

it is the mouth that swallows

and ejects the world regularly.

One final burst of glowing flame!

then all is ashes.

Ashes swept up like litter–

the trees, the houses,

even the infinite electric lights,

pressed into God’s falling eyelid.

Muddled to the color of fertile soil–

all the worlds extinguished,

ashes… ashes.

But then… a glimmer,

a spark!

The worlds heal and warmth

boils over; shadows against blue paper,

God opening His eye and yawning,

blinking away His cinereous celestial sleep,

the worlds breathing and blood flowing

back into the palm,

and the universe glowing with youthful vigor.