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It’s an awful thought to have-¬†

the thought that you may have come between two people.

If you believe yourself to be

a Bighearted person,

then do not let anger

or grief fester

in your thoughts,

or come across in your deeds.

This may seem so easily said,

and not so easily done,

but the truth is

that bighearted people

are most easily broken,

but also the most forgiving.

A big heart

is a house,

with thousands of rooms

for guests-

for every person

the heart’s owner

has ever met.

Metaphorical hearts can only be large

if they leave room for love,

and force hatred

out their doors.


Love, my careless love,

I wrack myself dry,

and stare at clouds above

which fly

in shades of tarnished silver,

and pour down their judgement

as they roll by.


My careless love

has left me alone.

Beating me dumb,

huddled like a stone

in silence and

confinement. Solitary due to my own faults,

left only with this pulsing drone.


Love, o careless love

of mine. Restless heart-

frantic like a shackled dove-

you only tear yourself apart,

you cause women to withdraw,

you grip them like an animal’s claw.

Your madness is your personal art.