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We are all shoved under the microscope.

We are each choked by leashes of wire.

We’ve spent years within stores,

at garage sales, perusing someone else’s memories,

because what we have isn’t good enough.

In the end, the “good citizens” are the ones that don’t acknowledge the surveillance.

In the end, the ones that speak up

cause change.

To what Lengths does

the green lawn Grass grow?

In this Modern Age, it seems,

That we’ll never Know.

Winter is a fickle thing:

friend to children who smile

as large flakes swirl down in slow twisters,

and the land pulls this new blanket

over its face, and sleeps;

fiend to the modern conveniences

of orange and yellow, electric cities

whose black paths narrow and crystallize-

traps set for distracted humans

who have forgotten how

powerful nature can be.