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In this great land I buzz like a fly,

barely audible, barely intriguing.

My home rests under a sky

which most human eyes do not notice.

It is quite a shame how many hours pass by

when I am typing or thinking, when I could be heard.

I see a golden light, and I fly

toward it. It is almost indiscernible at the end of my road,

radiating, a saint’s fallen halo, on the crest of a hill. I may not reach it before I die.

But I am trying, flapping my tiny coppery wings,

my stomach swells with determination. It has taken hold of both my eyes.

I see it now, and move toward that warm, bright, beckoning light.

Somehow I know what it is. I don’t ask why,

I simply know it is one of my goals and fly onward

because I can feel my body beginning to dry,

death sets upon me- a slow and arid disease.

I must reach the light before I die.

That is the only thought on my mind.

To some I may be an insignificant fly,

my presence irksome and my noises unintelligible.

But I know there are others like me who buzz below the sky.

Some may be comfortable where they are,

but not I.

I am flying toward a light that grows larger because I am getting nearer.

Ceaselessly moving toward my glowing ally,

I may be growing weary but I will not stop

’til what I my dreams are recognized, and I find home within the light. Then, and only then, will I say goodbye.


A few things I’ve learned from other poets and my own experience:

  • Experiment with form and style– try new things, and find which fits best with which poem. There’s also nothing wrong with trying to emulate one of your favorite poet’s style.
  • Verb your nouns– “lip”, “trash”, and “access” are examples of this.
  • Drop your articles– avoid use of “the” and “a” as much as possible
  • Concrete conquers flowers– concrete descriptions are far more interesting and adaptable than vague adjectives- they are much more visual and give more meaning to your words, as well as making what you’re saying more understandable for readers. Adjectives should be used sparingly.
  • Writer’s Block happens– do whatever you think will get rid of it.
  •  Read your finished poems out loud– reading out loud allows you to check for mistakes, and printing  physical copy before hand and reading that is always a good idea.
  • Have someone else read your poems– readers rarely have the luxury of being able to ask the poet what he or she means, you can leave the meaning of your poems up to interpretation, but you want to make your main message as clear as possible so no one pulls a conclusion out of left field.
  • “It’s the poet’s job to know everything.”– whether it be anatomy, mathematical terminology, or various plants, a poet should refine his or her knowledge of many, many subjects
  • There’s poetry in EVERYTHING– from the most mundane tasks to the grandest events, famous poets have covered both, as well as many things in between.

So I thought about posting something witty, but then decided against primarily because I couldn’t think of anything particularly witty to post (It’s raining heavily where I am, and the noise is kind of distracting).

Then I thought about posting another poem, but I honestly feel like my metaphorical creative well has run dry. And I didn’t want to post anything philosophical or meaningful ‘cuz I don’t want to bring other people down and bring myself down even more. I also realized that I need to be studying for a Calculus exam because I have failed my first two and if I don’t pass the next two, one of which is tomorrow, it’s very likely that my GPA will then be so low that I may be denied any subsidiary loan for this semester.

And that got me thinking about the meaning of life and our going-nowhere political situation in the U.S. and blah blah blah.

So in the end I just decided to go watch Vlogbrothers. They’re two intelligent people, and they can talk about issues much more intelligently than I can, plus their presentation of intelligent material is not informative, it’s entertaining!

And while listening to John talk about the various books he’s written and published I thought: How does he DO IT!?!?!? And then I remembered that John is man with a considerable amount of time on his hands because he’s not in school.

Nonetheless, I did find that this was enough to lighten my mood and instill a new sense of determination in me.

I have always been fascinated with the world of prose, and while I do enjoy the faster medium of poetry, I have always wanted to have an actual story published. In fact, I came to a decision not too long ago that I was going to finish a short story by next summer’s end. And with that I march onward, pen and computer both at the ready, gathering courage to face tomorrows math test, and the many obstacles that will most assuredly follow it!

I hope that this somewhat unintelligible blathering has instilled a new sense of hope in anyone else who is in a bit of a drag. I also hope that you got at least a small smile or laugh out of it 🙂

Until next time, dftba and stay tuned.