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Like a cat,

the feeling lounges in my chest.

Sunlight is less a cure,

more a constraint-

it throws everything into too great

relief. Murk stirs in me;

the raven stabs the phoenix with its beak,

the phoenix will be fully-grown again

in six months.

For now, I look for-


I’m a bottle that wants to be filled.

My eyes are dry.

My lungs feel like wool sweaters

rolled and stuffed inside me.

Spine is slowly turning into the St. Louis Arch.

Bones stiff as flint.

Muscles like ink pens, exuding

pain from the inside, out.

I’m turning into cardboard.

I’ll be arthritic

before I’m twenty.

In this great land I buzz like a fly,

barely audible, barely intriguing.

My home rests under a sky

which most human eyes do not notice.

It is quite a shame how many hours pass by

when I am typing or thinking, when I could be heard.

I see a golden light, and I fly

toward it. It is almost indiscernible at the end of my road,

radiating, a saint’s fallen halo, on the crest of a hill. I may not reach it before I die.

But I am trying, flapping my tiny coppery wings,

my stomach swells with determination. It has taken hold of both my eyes.

I see it now, and move toward that warm, bright, beckoning light.

Somehow I know what it is. I don’t ask why,

I simply know it is one of my goals and fly onward

because I can feel my body beginning to dry,

death sets upon me- a slow and arid disease.

I must reach the light before I die.

That is the only thought on my mind.

To some I may be an insignificant fly,

my presence irksome and my noises unintelligible.

But I know there are others like me who buzz below the sky.

Some may be comfortable where they are,

but not I.

I am flying toward a light that grows larger because I am getting nearer.

Ceaselessly moving toward my glowing ally,

I may be growing weary but I will not stop

’til what I my dreams are recognized, and I find home within the light. Then, and only then, will I say goodbye.