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In this whiteness there is desolation.

Ferocity abounds while ice plummets

to where a birdwatcher would make his or her observation.

But now the snow plunges into summits,

hiding landscape from humans at their windows.

All one can see are tiny white comets,

and in this instant, that is all one can know.

No one’s watching

as I close the door and love a photograph.

No one’s watching

as I sing to myself in whispers,

and dance in the yellow-orange light

of incandescent bulbs

which burns against the blue walls of this room.

No one’s watching

as I bend my head over

and feel myself split,

like a log under a wood cutter’s axe,

from the overwhelming concept of the future.

No one’s watching

as I plead in the dark- swallowed by shadow-

for a sign or a signal,

as innocent as a thunderclap,

or devastating as a tidal wave,

to shove me in the right direction,

because I just don’t know what’s right anymore.

Everyone is preoccupied

with their own complicated lives.

Am I in the right?

Am I right?

Am I alright?

I’m not, I’m not…

and nobody’s watching.