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Have you ever seen a doorknob split in two?

How does petrichor make you feel?

Do you know what petrichor is?

How many people in the world sneeze at this exact moment?

Would there be color without light?

What do birds think about?

How many ants can lift a cherry?

What’s a child’s first reaction to snow?

How many people do you know with heterochromia?

What were your great-great-great-grandfather’s last words?

What were your grandmother’s first words?

How many purses are there in Japan?

What do bees think of humans?

Who was your first hug?


Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while. Life’s been hectic. I’ve had tests and re-tests and essays, and I honestly haven’t written that much- other than a few bits here and there- so I’ve been struggling with that.

Also, today drama reared its ugly head.

Tell me, is it wrong to ask “what could I have done?” or “is it my fault?” I’ve always been the middleman, the guy who prefers compromise to taking sides, so when people have fallings-out, is it wrong to ask yourself these questions?

Is it possible to be too empathetic?

One good thing that comes out of (forgive my hyperbolic use of this word) tragedy: writing ideas. Maybe I’m just choosing to make this a big deal. I’m always there as a friend, even if I am smack dab in the middle of an awkward situation.

I dunno. This may just seem like mumbo jumbo to you who read this, but it feels cathartic to let it out.

Hopefully I will be posting at least one poem every day this week, even on the weekends so look forward to that! Also feel free to answer any of the weird questions I asked.

Happy Halloween those of you who celebrate!

Stay tuned…