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Hurried Day

Posted: April 18, 2014 in Poetry
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Sun gallops over

me, I am burdened-

many things to do-

too soon comes Day’s End-


A Song Inspired by the works of Stephen Sondheim,

specifically “No One Is Alone” from “Into the Woods”

I’m all alone now

Nothing to speak to, but the air

Just ‘cause no one’s here now

doesn’t mean they don’t care

So why do I feel so lonely?

So empty and despaired?

Will things be okay?

Please, no one tell me that I’m wrong

Throughout all of next day

I have to appear strong

Is it wrong to feel this empty?

Is it wrong to be scared?

Where did I go wrong?

Pushing too hard, falling too fast

Was it doomed all along?

Why does the pain last?

It’s said that you’re never alone

Someone will take your side

My someones’ left me all alone

Don’t even have my pride

Will things be okay?

Please, someone, help me to be strong

Say “let the feelings stay”

Tell me I’m not wrong

In this great land I buzz like a fly,

barely audible, barely intriguing.

My home rests under a sky

which most human eyes do not notice.

It is quite a shame how many hours pass by

when I am typing or thinking, when I could be heard.

I see a golden light, and I fly

toward it. It is almost indiscernible at the end of my road,

radiating, a saint’s fallen halo, on the crest of a hill. I may not reach it before I die.

But I am trying, flapping my tiny coppery wings,

my stomach swells with determination. It has taken hold of both my eyes.

I see it now, and move toward that warm, bright, beckoning light.

Somehow I know what it is. I don’t ask why,

I simply know it is one of my goals and fly onward

because I can feel my body beginning to dry,

death sets upon me- a slow and arid disease.

I must reach the light before I die.

That is the only thought on my mind.

To some I may be an insignificant fly,

my presence irksome and my noises unintelligible.

But I know there are others like me who buzz below the sky.

Some may be comfortable where they are,

but not I.

I am flying toward a light that grows larger because I am getting nearer.

Ceaselessly moving toward my glowing ally,

I may be growing weary but I will not stop

’til what I my dreams are recognized, and I find home within the light. Then, and only then, will I say goodbye.

I love it when things just happen to work out.

Stress is suppose to be incredibly damaging to your health, and while I may not believe in sheer coincidence, it is nice to receive a good surprise every now and then.

I now have less work on my plate, which means hopefully I can compel myself to get out of bed early and get things done! It seems to me too, that (I honestly just realized this) after I preoccupy myself I have a sudden surge of creative energy and my writer’s block is alleviated. How I never noticed this before is a mystery.

And to those who have a lot too do and are feeling overwhelmed, I advise you to take as much time as you see fit and do whatever you believe will take your mind off that stress- be it going for a brisk jog, or having a “Friends” marathon, do what you will but set a timer so you can get back to work.

All I can say is when a heavy burden is lifted of your shoulders it honestly makes you feel like there’s somebody looking out for you.

And that somebody is willing to make you not so weak and weary. =)